Monday, December 21, 2009

Intoxication - Braindamage

Catalog#: none
Format: Cassette, Album, C60
Country: Germany
Released: 1993
Genre: Electronic
Style: EBM

A1 Intro

A2 World

A3 Watchtower

A4 Digital Violence

A5 Win And Lost

A6 Control

A7 Never

B1 Shadows

B2 Brainwash (Machine Dub)

B3 Plastic

B4 No Way Out

B5 Intoxication (Slave Mix)

B6 Heaven Can Wait

B7 Stahl Auf Stahl (Edit)


  1. Well, i'm gonna check it out , but thank you a lot for this one. keep up the good work

  2. the core of this demo is really good qaulity dark atmospheric industrial with brilliant ultra-distorted vocals, the way it should be.

    compared to 'contradict', the strong parts are stonger the weak parts are weaker. it's a pity they didn't get the best pieces from all their demo's, re-work it a bit and record an album in a proper studio. thanx a lot for uploading this!

  3. 5 years later and I still love this demo!