Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Various - Photo Electric Zone

TEC 10
Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition
01 Jan 1992
EBM, Darkwave 
A1 Normal Influence, The  -  Frontgeneration

A2 Digital Slaughter  -  The Devil In Me

A3 Umpire (2)  -  City

A4 In Absentia  -  Katarsis

A5 Provoking Noise  -  Under My Wing

A6 No Comment  -  Red Sweat

A7 Sinister Attraction  -  Ultraviolent

A8 Evasion On Stake, The  -  Again In The Past

A9 Unlucky Childz  -  Brain Test

A10 Sermon Intact  -  Trauma

B1 Trends In Taste  -  Deadly News

B2 Truth Or Dare (2)  -  Force The Day

B3 Trinity Mania, The  -  A Distant Vision

B4 Hydrom Line  -  Impression

B5 Trauma Syndrom  -  Netzwerk

B6 Carpe Diem (10)  -  A Soothing Effect

B7 Innocence Of Crime, The  -  180 BPM

B8 PP?  -  Strangehouse

B9 Apoptygma Berzerk  -  Apoptygma

B10 Comahon Kidney Virus  -  C.K.V.

B11 Duesterweg  -  Watching Your Friend

A huge thanks to Peter from Liquid G. who was kind enough to provided me mp3 files of this hard to find tape. If anyone else has any other tecdance tapes whether it's mp3 files or even if you are selling it, Please let me know.

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