Monday, July 1, 2013

Inactive Links

I noticed that the following links are down due to inactivity, so I'm gonna spend some time reuploading the files that are down. Stay tuned for brand new surprising content over the next few weeks

Cyber - Kybernetik - updated
Comahon Kidney Virus - Stranglehold updated
Nuclear Error - The feeling of war updated
Digital Warfare - Second transmission
Lescure 13 - Collaborators - updated
Lescure 13 - Electraumaniacs- updated
Machinery - Seeds of violence - updated
Brain Surgery - Nyquist theorem - updated
Shadowplay - An ideal world - updated
Dead Jump - Holy mind
LPF 12 - Additional
Second Disease - Dogma
Putrefy Factor 7 - Total mind collapse 
Various - Cascades
Transform At Zero - Demo
Katarsi - Throbbing hypnosis attack


  1. a lot of thanks !!

    But Comahon Kidney Virus - Stranglehold, the link still not work :(

  2. As of now, I'm reuploading the files that are down due to inactivity. If you see any files that is down on here, let me know and I'll reupload it asap.

  3. Ok , I now understand it !! I wait !
    I liked Comahon Kidney Virus group.
    I hope that you put more album/cass of this group !!
    You have a fantastic EBM collection !
    Sorry , i dont have nothing of your wantlist , but i will try search it!
    I liked to have too of L'Avantgarde cass !
    Thanks again !! ;-)

  4. Thanks. Re-Upload "Dead Jump - Holy mind" Please.